Residency for Tuition Purposes

Upon admission, each applicant’s residency for tuition purposes will be determined by the law school, based on the information provided in the application and in accordance with state guidelines. This residency classification will be stated in the applicant’s letter of admission.

When completing the admission application, Kentucky residents must indicate the length of residence in this state. Non-residents must specify their permanent state of residence.

The University of Louisville participates in the Indiana Tuition Reciprocity Program for residents of selected counties who have been admitted into an approved program. Student pursuing degrees from the professional schools of Law, Medicine and Dentistry are not eligible to participate in the program. Indiana residents enrolled in the Louis D. Brandeis Law School will be billed at the non-resident tuition rate.

Contact the Law School admissions office at 502-852-6364 for additional information on residency requirements and determination. The admissions office also can provide copies of forms for requesting a change in residency classification. Additional information is available online at