Alicia Gomez: Why I chose UofL Law

Alicia Gomez, 2010

University of Louisville
B.A. Political Science and Latin American Studies

"While a student at UofL Law I did the Criminal Justice Externship at the Jefferson County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. I loved it!

I was already working there as a law clerk, and the additional experiences that doing the externship provided to me were invaluable. As a clerk I spent a lot of time in the office writing motions for prosecutors; whereas, as an extern I had the opportunity to argue the motions in court. Some of my experiences included sitting second chair in a Burglary trial, doing home visits with my supervising prosecutor, and doing revocation hearings. I was also given the opportunity to visit the prison in LaGrange with the new prosecutors in the office.

The externship provides students an opportunity to go to court and take part in the legal system essentially without any pressure. As a student you are expected to make some mistakes, but the externship provides a means to learn how the court system here in Jefferson County works prior to working as a professional.

I highly recommend, to every student, to take part in one of the externships offered at UofL Law. It’s a great handson, skill-training, real world experience that I will use every day as a practicing attorney."