Law Alumni Council

About the Law Alumni Council

The purpose of this council shall be:

  1. To stimulate among its membership continuing interest in the betterment of the University of Louisville's Brandeis School of Law.
  2. To assist and encourage the Brandeis School of Law in the recruitment and retention of outstanding students.
  3. To furnish an avenue through which its membership may be kept informed as to the operation and progress of the  Brandeis School of Law, and through which the membership may provide service and advice to the Law School administration.
  4. To obtain financial support from public and private sources for the Brandeis School of Law.
  5. To promote fellowship among students, faculty, alumni and friends of the Brandeis School of Law.
  6. To enhance public understanding of and appreciation for legal processes and institutions.
  7. To further the general interests of the Brandeis School of Law and its alumni through social events, reunions, recognition of outstanding support for the Brandeis School of Law, and achievements of alumni and others.
  8. To foster and promote the interests of the Brandeis School of Law and its alumni.

For Bylaws, click here.

2013-2014 Council

President: Ellie Kerstetter 
Vice President: Sean Deskins 
Secretary: Kristie Wetterer
Treasurer: None
Immediate Past President: Karen Paulin

Representation to External Bodies
Student Council Representative: Dani Smith
Dean’s Office Representative: Laurel Hajek
Faculty Representative: Grace Giesel
Unit Representative:
Alumni Outreach: 
Student Outreach: 
Golden Alumni:  

Council Email Address: