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A Look at Professor Cedric Merlin Powell: Bridging the Gap Between the Brandeis School of Law and the Louisville Community

Thu, 02/13/2014 - 14:35
piBy Rebecca Sears/i/p pThe Brandeis School of Law recognizes the value of community engagement for both faculty and students. Faculty members like Professor Cedric Merlin Powell are setting this example by giving back to the community. Professor Powell has taught at Brandeis for what will be twenty-one years in August. In regards to public service, he believes the school truly lives out the spirit of Justice Brandeis through their commitment to serving the community./p p“We embody Justice Brandeis’s spirit by encouraging students to be the public lawyer he believed in. We also are one of the few law schools which require service to graduate. This is a great motivator for students to become involved,” Powell said. “Being connected to the local community is a win-win situation for law students. Their training and public interest work will ultimately make them better lawyers.”/p pWhile Professor Powell encourages student engagement, he is strongly connected to the Louisville community as well. For the past ten years, Powell has served on the TARC board and is currently the board’s chair. He says, “Leadership Louisville is how I got started with TARC. They’ve been around for 25-30 years and allow individuals to see all of the community, to choose where they would like to get involved. It is a great program.” Powell attends monthly meetings and also dedicates his time to special TARC projects. In his ten years, he has helped the board provide efficient, economical, and environment friendly transportation to the city. When discussing his work with TARC, Powell expressed “I am most proud of our team effort. Every façade of TARC is a team: from the mechanical to implementation to planning to drivers, we are working with the same goals in mind.” Between teaching at the law school and dedicating his time to TARC, Professor Powell is bridging the gap between the local community and the law school. He is, without a doubt, continuing the long-standing tradition of public service at the school. /p pWhen asked his favorite thing about his work in the community, he enthusiastically responded: “When we come up with something to better public transportation. For instance, when we replace old buses with new ones or introduce a new route to the public.” Recently, TARC introduced a new express route connecting downtown Louisville to Sellersburg, Indiana. The goal is to develop a link between Ivy Tech College and downtown Louisville. TARC hopes to encourage education for those who may be working in the Louisville area by providing viable transportation options. In working with TARC, Professor Powell is now even working to create state connections as well. /p pProfessor Cedric Merlin Powell is most certainly bridging the gap between the local community and law school. His work with TARC will have lasting impacts as he continues to improve the city’s public transportation system. Recently, the Louisville Bar Association recognized his service to the community with the Trail Blazer Award and the YMCA acknowledged his work in their youth achievers program. With his example, students will continue striving to be the public service lawyer Justice Brandeis encouraged and envisioned./p

2L Ashley Mouser, Lawlapalooza Recognized in Latest UofL Magazine

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:41
a href=http://louisville.epubxp.com/title/11139 target=_blankimg src=/sites/www.law.louisville.edu/files/UofLCover.png class=box-shadow style=margin-left: 10px align=right //a p 2L bAshley Mouser/b, the Brandeis School of Law's 2013 Ellen B. Ewing Fellow, and a href=/lawlapalooza target=_blankbLawlapalooza/b/a, the Louisville legal community's annual battle of the bands, which benefits the Ewing Foundation and funds fellowships like Ashley's, were recognized in the Winter/Spring 2014 edition of a href=http://louisville.epubxp.com/title/11139 target=_blankiUniversity of Louisville Magazine/i/a, published by the a href=http://www.uoflalumni.org target=_blankUofL Alumni Association/a. /p p Lawlapoolaza and its student emcees were also mentioned in the February 2014 issue of the ABA’s a href=http://www.americanbar.org/publications/student_lawyer/2013-14/february.html target=_blankiStudent Lawyer/i magazine/a, p. 36. Request a copy at the law library’s front desk. /p a href=/sites/www.law.louisville.edu/files/Lawlapalooza.pngimg src=/sites/www.law.louisville.edu/files/Lawlapalooza.png width=550 px class=box-shadow style=margin-top: 20px //a

UofL law school to unveil photos from Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1967 visit

Tue, 02/11/2014 - 17:25
img src=/sites/www.law.louisville.edu/files/2011.159.0005.jpg style=margin-bottom: 20px / p After years of digging through photographic archives, the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law is ready to unveil photos taken nearly 50 years ago when Martin Luther King Jr. spoke in the school’s Allen Court Room. /pa href=http://wfpl.org/post/university-louisville-unveil-never-seen-martin-luther-king-jr-photos target=_blank /apa href=http://wfpl.org/post/university-louisville-unveil-never-seen-martin-luther-king-jr-photos target=_blank “We found photos that we didn’t even know existed,” said Robin Harris,/a who chairs the law school’s diversity committee and is a professor of legal bibliography. “Two of the photos show Mrs. King and another shows a close up of Dr. King—which is fairly rare.” /p p A dozen photos will be shown at a href=/node/13217a free, public event Feb. 28/a. The program begins at 5:30 p.m. and is part of the law school’s a href=/node/13217 target=_blankGraduates of Color reunion/a and celebration of Black History Month. /p p Law school Dean Susan Duncan said the photos of King standing at a podium in the courtroom gave her chills. /p p “It’s gratifying to know that King spoke here,” said Duncan. “Because—even 50 years ago—this university was a trailblazer in the areas of diversity and inclusiveness.” /p p Harris said the project was a collaborative effort between the law school and UofL a href=https://exchange.louisville.edu/owa/redir.aspx?C=iizcuefmtU6WL2k5XI9hoL0iqIbe-tAIdsXapIWDVEruEi7cnFqhmr2sYqhiQgYql3ftJiCWj9A.amp;URL=http%3a%2f%2flouisville.edu%2flibrary%2farchives%2f target=_blankArchives and Special Collections/a. Five of the photos will be permanently displayed in the courtroom’s entrance along with a bronze plaque that commemorates King’s visit. /p p King spoke at the school March 30, 1967, after law student Steve Porter invited him. Porter—now a graduate of the law school—will speak at the February event along with fellow UofL alumnus Andrew Williams and recently retired law professor David Leibson. Porter and Leibson were in the courtroom during King’s visit and Williams was one of dozens of students who squeezed around the courtroom’s windows hoping to glimpse the civil rights leader. /p p All three will share their thoughts and memories about King’s visit during the event. /p

Professor Weaver Speaks in Paris on Transparency Human Rights

Tue, 02/11/2014 - 11:20
a href=/sites/www.law.louisville.edu/files/Programme%20conference%20of%20Transparency%20at%20the%20Open%20Gov%20era_VInt1_def.pdfConference Program/a

Three Brandeis Faculty Members Give Major Impact Presentations at National Conferences

Tue, 02/11/2014 - 10:44
piBrown v. Board of Education, /ithe environment, and college students with disabilities. These are the three topics for presentations by Brandeis faculty at national conferences in February.  /pbTony Arnold the Keynote Speaker at University of Missouri School of Law Symposium on Environmental Law/b/p pIn a symposium organized around the scholarship of Boehl Professor Arnold, he will give the keynote address at a February 14 symposium on a href=http://law.missouri.edu/faculty/symposium/jesl2014/brochure.pdfEnvironmental Law 4.0: Adaptive and Resilient/a. He was invited to do so based on the University of Missouri Journal of Environmental and Sustainability Law organizers who found his work to be intriguing and compelling.  /ppEnvironmental law in the United States has been continually evolving since the quot;first generationquot; of commandand- control regulatory statutes in the 1970s to the emerging fourth generation. This new generation of environmental law is under pressure to develop a framework that is more adaptive and resilient. Yet the institutional arrangements to protect the environment and manage natural resources generally have been unimodal (quot;one-sizefits- allquot;) and fragmented, resulting in a current framework that is ill-suited for today's pressing environmental issues./pThis symposium explores the prospects for the fourth generation of environmental law. How can a better understanding of resilience science and our relationship to environmental and natural resource challenges serve as a catalyst to transform environmental law to become more adaptive? Will environmental law develop a framework that is more integrated and multimodal? What are the theoretical and practical hurdles that must be overcome as we enter into the next generation of environmental law? These and other critical questions will be examined through a variety of perspectives, including ecological science, law and economics, environmental justice, indigenous peoples, international law and administrative law./pnbsp;/pbCedric Merlin Powell to Serve as Plenary Session Speaker at Washburn University Center for Law and Government/b/pnbsp;/pProfessor Powell has been recognized for his work on critical race theory and invited to speak on this topic on February 27. a href=http://washburnlaw.edu/practicalexperience/government/center/programs/brownat60/speakers.html#powellThe symposium explores in a critical manner what the iBrown v. Board of Education/i decision/a has meant and what it will continue to mean looking forward. On February 25, the Louisville Bar Association will recognize Professor Powell for his scholarship and leadership on race issues when it presents him with the annual Trailblazer Award during the Black History Month event./p In addition to the LBA award, Cedric also won the 2014 Chestnut Street YMCA Adult Black Achievers award. This is the 35th year of the program. Distinguished professionals from a number of fields are selected as role models for youth achievers. Adult achievers are expected to give 40 hours of service to the youth achievers program. Cedric was selected by Vice Provost Mordean Taylor-Archer to represent the University of Louisville./pnbsp;/ppbLaura Rothstein to serve as Stetson Conference of Higher Education Law and Policy Honorary Chair/b/p Must universities allow emotional support animals in the library? Can veterans with disabilities returning to college receive accommodations when the military does not provide documentation of the disability in a timely fashion? Are sororities required to make their houses accessible for wheelchairs even though they are private clubs? What policies should universities have in place to ensure that baby boomer faculty members are given fair treatment if their physical or mental health becomes frail? Are universities risking the cancellation of excellent programs for grade school and high school students because of new and burdensome policies put in place in reaction to the Jerry Sandusky scandal?/p p class=p2These are only a few of the issues that will be addressed by Laura Rothstein, Professor of Law and Distinguished University Scholar. In addition to serving as a panelist or speaker at four different sessions at the February 2014, 35th Annual National Conference on Higher Education Law and Policy sponsored by Stetson University Law School, she will serve this year as Honorary Chair of the conference. This honor reflects her longstanding commitment to increasing the understanding of higher education legal issues. In 2011 she was honored by the conference with the William A. Kaplin Award for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy.    /p

Networking Opportunity

Mon, 02/10/2014 - 13:27
pYPAL (Young Professionals Association of Louisville) is hosting a luncheon on March 5 at the Bristol Downtown.  It is the kick-off of our “Legal-Ease” series, sponsored by SKO.  The intent of the event is to have prominent attorneys have lunch with young attorneys in order to mentor and provide career advice.  At the first event, we are inviting four local judges—Judges Clayton, Stevens, Bisig, and Chauvin.  Law students are welcome to register.  /ppThe link to the event is here:  a href=https://www.ypal.org/Events/March-Legal-Easehttps://www.ypal.org/Events/March-Legal-Ease/a.  If you are a member, you get a discounted registration price.  /p

SSRN Legal Studies Research Paper Series, Vol 8, No 1

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 13:55
The latest issue of our SSRN Research Paper series features publications from Professors Arnold, Jones, Milligan and Rothstein. br /ullia href=http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2384789iThe Aging Mentally Ill: Ensuring Adequate Mental Health Care/i /aby James T.R Jones/lilia href=http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2208005iHIPAA Privacy Rule 2.0/i/a by Mark A. Rothstein/lilia href=http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2385327iConcreteness Drift and the Fourth Amendment/i/a by Luke M. Milligan/lilia href=http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2225619iAdaptive Law and Resilience/i /aby Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold/li/ulpMore information about the RPS:/pullia href=http://www.ssrn.com/link/U-Louisville-LEG.htmlBrowse /a/lilia href=http://hq.ssrn.com/jourInvite.cfm?link=U-Louisville-LEGSubscribe/a/li/ul

Kent School seeks help from Law School

Tue, 01/28/2014 - 09:03
pPlease consider participating in an anonymous study approved by the University of Louisville IRB (#13.0795) that measures love actions identified as self-compassion, self-forgiveness, self-esteem, spirituality, forgiveness, empathy, sympathy, altruistic values, compassion and compassionate love. The survey takes between 15-20 minutes to complete and at the end you will be provided with a report on your level of love actions on each of the constructs. Be sure to print a copy of each page of your report as you review it if you want to keep it for future reference./ppThanks in advance for making this a successful study!/ppPlease click the link below to access the survey:span style=font-family: Times New Roman; font-size: small /span/pp style=margin: 0in 0in 0ptspan style=color: black; font-family: 'Calibri','sans-serif'; font-size: 11pta target=_blank href=http://vista-survey.com/survey/v2/survey2.dsb?ID=7651946129span style=color: #954f72; font-family: 'Times New Roman','serif'; font-size: 12ptuStudy to Measure Love Actions/u/span/a/span/ppspan style=font-family: Times New Roman; font-size: small  /span/p

Faculty Publications in 2012

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 10:15
p class=p1bLeslie Abramson/b/p p class=p1iQuick Review: Criminal Procedure/i.  St. Paul:  West Group.  (2012). /p p class=p2iCriminal Procedure: The Post-Investigative Process/i (2012 Supplement) (3d ed., with Cohen amp; Adelman)./p p class=p3iCriminal Practice and Procedure/i, Kentucky Practice Series, 2012-13 Pocket Part for volumes 8 amp; 9 (5th ed. West)./p p class=p3iSubstantive Criminal Law,/i Kentucky Practice Series, 2012-13 Pocket Part for volumes 10 amp; 10A (3d ed. West)./p p class=p3iCivil Procedure Forms/i, Kentucky Practice Series, 2012 Pocket Part for volumes 11 amp; 12 (2d ed. West)./p p class=p5iCriminal Procedure:  Cases, Problems amp; Exercises /i2012 Supplement (Thomson/West) (with Weaver, Bacigal, Burkoff, Lively, Hancock)/p p class=p5nbsp;/p p class=p4bJames Chen/b/p p class=p5b/b/p p class=p1Food and Superfood: Organic Labeling and the Triumph of Gay Science Over Dismal and Natural Science in Agricultural Policy.  iIdaho Law Review,/i  Moscow;  University of Idaho College of Law.  48 Moscow;  University of Idaho College of Law;  (2012). /p p class=p1Progressive Taxation: An Aesthetic and Moral Defense.  iUniversity of Louisville Law Review,/i  50, 659;  (2012). /p p class=p1A Degree of Practical Wisdom: The Ratio of Educational Debt to Income as a Basic Measurement of Law School Graduates' Economic Viability.  iWilliam Mitchell Law Review,/i  St. Paul;  William Mitchell College of Law.  38, 1185;  St. Paul;  William Mitchell College of Law;  (2012). /pp class=p1nbsp;/p p class=p4bJohn Cross/b/p p class=p5iCivil Procedure case book/i supplement for 2012 (with Abramson and Deason)./p p class=p6nbsp;/p p class=p1bDavid Ensign/b/p p class=p1Licensing Public Performance of Motion Pictures.  iKentucky Libraries/i,  76,  (4):  pp. 8-9.  Frankfort:  Kentucky Libraries (2012). /p p class=p1Copyright of Photographs.  iKentucky Libraries/i,  76,  (1):  pp. 27-28.  Frankfort:  Kentucky Libraries (2012). /p p class=p1Common Law Copyright in Kentucky.  iKentucky Libraries/i,  76,  (2):  pp. 4-5.  Frankfort:  Kentucky Libraries (2012). /p p class=p1iKentucky Legal Research/i.  (Edition September 2012),  Legal Research Series;  Durham:  Carolina Academic Press.  1  176  (2012).  (with Hilyerd and Metzmeier)/p p class=p1nbsp;/pp class=p1bJudith Fischer/b/p p class=p1Book Review, Advocacy to Zealousness: Learning Lawyering Skills from Classic Films.  iKentucky Bench and Bar/i,  76,  pp. 26  Frankfort:  Kentucky Bar Association (2012). /p p class=p1A Rogues' Gallery of Usage Problems.  iKentucky Bench and Bar/i,  76,  (July 2012):  pp. 32  Frankfort:  Kentucky Bar Association (2012). /p p class=p1Gender-Neutral Language in U.S. Courts, Chapter in iBrandeis Meets Gutenberg:  German-Conversations on Law/i 143 (Dieter Dorr et al. eds., Lang Pubs. 2012span class=s1 /span/p p class=p1nbsp;/pp class=p1bGrace Giesel/b/p p class=p1End the Experiment: The Attorney-Client Privilege Should Not Protect Communications in the Allied Lawyer Setting.  iMarquette Law Review,/i  Milwaukee;  Marquette University Law School.  95, 475-561  (2012). /p p class=p1Alternative Litigation Finance and the Work-Product Doctriine. iWake Forest Law Review./i Winston-Salem; Wake Forest University School of Law. 47, 1083-1140; (2012)./p p class=p1nbsp;/pp class=p1bWilliam Hilyerd/b/p p class=p1iKentucky Legal Research/i.  (Edition September 2012),  Legal Research Series;  Durham:  Carolina Academic Press.  1  176  (2012) (with Metzmeier amp; Ensign)/p p class=p1Supreme Court Review.  iJournal of Law amp; Education,/i  Louisville;  University of Louisville School of Law.  41, 363;  Louisville;  University of Louisville School of Law;  (2012). /p p class=p1nbsp;/pp class=p1bJames T. R. Jones/b/p p class=p1Severe Mental Illness, Stigma, and the Value of Treatment.  iBar Briefs/i,  (August 2012):  pp. 24-25.  Louisville:  Louisville Bar Association (2012). /p p class=p1nbsp;/pp class=p1bKaren Jordan/b/p p class=p1Recovering Subsidiarity in Family Life Education.  iWilliam amp; Mary Journal of Women and the Law,/i  (2012). /p p class=p4nbsp;/pp class=p4bDavid Leibson/b/pp class=p4b/biKentucky Practice, Volume 13, Tort Law, /i(2supnd/sup ed., Thomson/West span class=Apple-tab-span /spanPublishing Co., 2012 Pocket Part)./pp class=p5i/i/p p class=p5nbsp;/p p class=p1bAriana Levinson/b/p p class=p1Toward a Cohesive Interpretation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act for the Electronic Monitoring of Employees.  iWest Virginia Law Review,/i  Morgantown;  West Virginia University College of Law.  114, 461;  (2012). /p p class=p4nbsp;/pp class=p4bVirginia Mattingly/b/p p class=p5b/b/p p class=p4“Researching Family and Local History in Digital Collections,” (with Metzmeier) a href=%22https://exchange.louisville.edu/owa/redir.aspx?C=9zx4z2I9YE699zlam5No2DDr25TketAInSujkd03yy9pCrCpqHaph0UuuAWUeSsHG_qJGMGUmqY.amp;URL=http://history.ky.gov/suspan class=s2iKentucky Ancestors/i/span/a, Summer 2012, at 173-179./p p class=p6b/b/p p class=p1bLaura McNeal/b/p p class=p7span class=s3b“/b/spanTeacher Unions and No Child Left Behind Reconstitution: The Calm Before the Storm,” 22.6 iJ. of Sch. Leadership/i 1109 (2012)./p p class=p7“A League of Their Own, Urban School Principal’s Rejoinder to NCLB Law,” Urban Schools:  Critical Issues and Solutions for Achievement (with Dunbar) (James Moore amp; Chance Lewis eds., 2012)./p p class=p10“From the Courtroom to the Schoolhouse: Recent Advancements in School Law and Implications for School Leadership,” iJ. of Sch. Leadership /i(Special Issue) 1 (Mark Gooden and Laura McNeal, eds. 2012)/p p class=p1nbsp;/pp class=p1bKurt Metzmeier/b/p p class=p4“Researching Family and Local History in Digital Collections,” (with Virginia Smith) a href=%22https://exchange.louisville.span class=s2iKentucky Ancestors/i/span/a, Summer 2012, at 173-179./p p class=p1iKentucky Legal Research/i.  (Edition September 2012),  Legal Research Series;  Durham:  Carolina Academic Press.  1  176  (2012) (with Hilyerd amp; Ensign)/pp class=p1nbsp;/p p class=p1bLuke Milligan/b/p p class=p1“The Real Rules of quot;Searchquot; Interpretations,”  iWilliam amp; Mary Bill of Rights Journal,/i  Williamsburg;  College of William amp; Mary.  21, 1;  (2012). /pp class=p1nbsp;/p p class=p1bRick Nowka/b/p p class=p1“Twenty Questions About an Individual Debtor's Name Under Amended Article 9 Section 9-503(a)(4) Alternative A.”  iWilliam amp; Mary Business Law Review,/i  Williamsburg;  College of William and Mary.  3, 139;   (2012). /pp class=p1nbsp;/p p class=p1bCedric Merlin Powell/b/p p class=p1“Harvesting New Conceptions of Equality: Opportunity, Results, and Neutrality.”  iSt. Louis University Public Law Review/i,  St. Louis;  St. Louis University.  XXXI(2): 225-332.; (2012). /p p class=p1“Identity, Liberal Individualism, and the Neutral Allure of Post-Blackness.”  iThe Green Bag,/i  Arlington;  George Mason University School of Law.  15(3): 341-354.;  (2012). /p p class=p1“From Louisville to Liddell: Schools, Rhetorical Neutrality, and the Post-Racial Equal Protection Clause.”  iWashington University Journal of Law and Policy,/i  153-180 St. Louis;  Washington University School of Law.  40 St. Louis;  Washington University School of Law;  (2012)./pp class=p1nbsp;/p p class=p1bTracey Roberts/b/p p class=p1quot;Voluntary Standards, Certification and Labeling Systems: Enhancing Efficiency Through Trade of Entitlementsquot;  (Chapter Number 3);  In:  Anonymous,   iMarket Instruments and Sustainable Economy/i.  Madrid:  Instituto de Estudios Fiscales.  (pp. 343-348).   (2012). /pp class=p1nbsp;/p p class=p1bLaura Rothstein/b/p p class=p1iDisabilities and the Law./i  (with Julia Irzyk) (Spring 2012)  St. Paul:  West Group. /p p class=p1iDisabilities and the Law.  /i(with Julia Irzyk) (Fall 2012) St. Paul:  West Group.  /p p class=p1“Reflections from an Era of Breaking Glass--1984-1998.”  iUMKC Law Review,/i  Kansas City;  University of Missouri-Kansas City.  80(3): 757-769.;   (2012). /p p class=p1“Litigation over Dismissal of Faculty with Disabilities.”  iAccommodating Faculty Members/i,  2012,  pp. 40-42.  AAUP (2012). /pp class=p1nbsp;/p p class=p1bMark Rothstein/b/p p class=p1iOccupational Safety and Health Law/i.  St. Paul:  West Group.  1747  (2012)./p p class=p1iCases and Materials on Employment Law/i (7supth/sup ed.); 2012 Supplement. New York: Foundation Press. (pp. 1-77) (2012) (with Liebman)/p p class=p1quot;Supplement to Employment Law Treatisequot;; In:  iEmployment Law/i.  St. Paul:  West Group.  (pp. 1-82).   (2012). (with Craver, Schroeder amp; Shoben)/p p class=p1quot;Occupational Health Lawquot; (Chapter Number 2); In: T.L. Guidotti (Ed.),   iOccupational Health Services: A Practical Approach/i.  (Edition 2d); Oxford: Routledge.  (pp. 36-46).   (2012). /p p class=p1quot;Protecting Privacy in Genetic Research on Alcohol Dependence and Other Addictionsquot; (Chapter Number 3); In:  A. Chapman (Ed.),   iGenetic Research on Addiction: Ethics, the Law, and Public Health/i. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.  (pp. 84-96).   (2012). /p p class=p1“Informed Consent in Pharmacogenomic Research and Treatment” (Chapter Number 8); In: R.B. Altman, D. Flockhart, and D.B. Goldstein (Eds.), iPrinciples of Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics. /iCambridge: Cambridge University Press. (pp. 74-80). (2012)./p p class=p1“Health Information Technology and Physicians' Duty to Notify Patients of New Medical Developments.”  iHouston Journal of Health Law amp; Policy,/i 12(1): 93-136.; Houston; University of Houston; (2012). /p p class=p1“The Case Against Precipitous, Population-Wide, Whole-Genome Sequencing,”  iJournal of Law, Medicine amp; Ethics,/i 40(3): 682-689.; Boston: American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics; (2012). /p p class=p1“Access to Sensitive Information in Segmented Electronic Health Records,”  iJournal of Law, Medicine amp; Ethics,/i 40(2): 394-400. Boston: American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics.  (2012). /p p class=p1“The Future of Public Health Ethics.” iAmerican Journal of Public Health, /i102(1): 9. Washington, DC: American Public Health Association. (2012)./p p class=p1“Disclosing Decedents’ Research Results to Relatives Violates the HIPAA Privacy Rule.” iAmerican Journal of Bioethics, /i12(10): 16-17. London: Taylor amp; Francis. (2012)./p p class=p1“Presidential Commission’s Report on Whole-Genome Sequencing and Privacy: A Missed Opportunity.” iGene Watch, /i25(5): 15-16. Boston: Council for Responsible Genetics. (2012).  /pp class=p1nbsp;/p p class=p1bShelley Santry/b/p p class=p1“Penny Wise but Pound Foolish in the Heartland: A Case Study of Decriminalizing Domestic Violence in Topeka, Kansas.”  iJournal of Family Studies,/i  Salt Lake City;  University of Utah.  14(2): 223-244.;  Salt Lake City;  University of Utah;  (2012). /pp class=p1nbsp;/p p class=p1bJoAnne Sweeny/b/p p class=p1“Emotional Editing.”  iPerspectives:  Teaching Legal Research amp; Writing /i(20):109-111 (2012) (online publication)/pp class=p1nbsp;/p p class=p1bEnid Trucios-Haynes/b/p p class=p1“Recommitment to Language Access:  The U.S. Attorney General’s New Directive for Title VI Compliance,”i Kentucky Bar Journal/i (Spring 2012)./pp class=p1nbsp;/p p class=p1bManning Warren/b/p p class=p1“The U.S. Securities Fraud Class Action: An Unlikely Export to the European Union.  iBrooklyn Journal of International Law,”/i  Brooklyn;  Brooklyn Law School.  37(3): 1075-1114.;  Brooklyn;  Brooklyn Law School;  (2012). /p p class=p1iBusiness Enterprises: Legal Structures, Governance and Policy/i.  (Edition 2d),  Irvine:  Lexis/Nexis.  (2012). (with Branson, Heminwy, Loewenstein amp; Steinberg)/pp class=p1nbsp;/p p class=p1bRussell Weaver/b/p p class=p1Ciriminal Procedure Investigation: Cases, Problems amp; Exercises/i.  (Edition 5th),  St. Paul:  Thomson/West.  (2012). (with Burkoff, Lively, Hancock, Hoeffel, Singer amp; Friendland)/p p class=p1iUnderstanding the First Amendment/i.  (Edition 4th),  (LexisNexis)  (2012). (with Lively)/p p class=p1iFrom Gutenberg to the Internet: Free Speech, Advancing Technology and the Implications for Democracy/i.  Carolina Academic Press.  (2012). /p p class=p4iConstitutional Law:  Cases, Materials amp; Problems /i2012 Supplement (Aspen) /p p class=p4 (with Friedland, Hancock, Lively amp; Scott)/p p class=p5 iFirst Amendment:  Cases, Materials amp; Problems /i2012 Supplement (Lexis Nexis) (with Hancock, Lively amp; Scott)/p p class=p5 iCriminal Procedure:  Cases, Problems amp; Exercises /i2012 Supplement (Thomson/West) (with Abramson, Bacigal, Burkoff, Lively amp; Hancock)/p p class=p6i/i/p p class=p1iPrinciples of Criminal Procedure/i.  (Edition 4th),  Concise Hornbook Series;  St. Paul:  Thomson/West.  (2012). (with Abramson)/p p class=p1 “The Fourth Amendment, Privacy and Advancing Technology.”  iSearch and Seizure Law Report/i,  39,  (6):  pp. 45-52.  St. Paul:  West (2012). /p p class=p1“British Defamation Reform: An American Perspective,” 63 N. Ireland L.Q. b /b97-117 (2012) (published as part of the Queens University (Belfast, N. Ireland) symposium on defamation)./p p class=p4span class=s4“/spanPrivacy in a Digital Age,” published in D. Doerr amp; U. Fink, The Right to Privacy - Perspectives from Three Continents ___ (De Gruyter 2012) (to be published as part of the Privacy Discussion Forum papers). (with Parlett amp; Cole)/p p class=p11nbsp;/p p class=p4iGutenberg and Mass Communication/i, published in D. Doerr amp; U. Fink, Brandeis meets Gutenberg German-American Conversations on Law 1991-2011: Öffentliches und Internationales Recht Band ___ (Peter Lang 2012) (to be published as part of the celebration of the Mainz-Louisville faculty exchange relationship). /p p class=p11nbsp;/p p class=p4“Foreword: Honoring and Remembering the Johannes Gutenberg Faculty of Law -University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law Exchange Relationship,”published in D. Doerr amp; U. Fink, Brandeis meets Gutenberg /p p class=p5nbsp;/p p class=p4German-American Conversations on Law 1991-2011: Öffentliches und Internationales Recht Band ___ (Peter Lang 2012) (to be published as part of the celebration of the Mainz-Louisville faculty exchange relationship). (with Klein, Doerr amp; Fink)/p p class=p11nbsp;/p p class=p4iThe Fourth Amendment, Privacy amp; Advancing Technology/i, 39 Search amp; Seizure L. Report 1-8 (June, 2012)./p p class=p11nbsp;/p p class=p4iDemocracy in an Internet Era/i, Aix Law Club Newsletter (June, 2012)./p

ABA Annual Student Writing Competition

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 10:23
pThe KBA invites and encourages students currently enrolled at the University of Kentucky College of Law, the University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, and the Northern Kentucky University Salmon P. Chase College of Law to enter the KBA Annual Student Writing Competition. This competition offers these Kentucky legal scholars the opportunity to earn recognition and a cash award. First ($1,000); second ($300), and third place ($200) prizes may be awarded. Entries must be received by June 1, 2014. The first place prize also includes possible publication in the Bench amp; Bar. /ppStudents may enter their previously unpublished articles. Articles entered should be of interest to Kentucky practitioners and follow the suggested guidelines and requirements found in the “General Format” section of the Bench amp; Bar Editorial Guidelines at a href=http://www.kybar.org/103www.kybar.org/103/a. For inquiries concerning the KBA Annual Student Writing Competition, contact Shannon H. Roberts at a href=mailto:sroberts@kybar.orgsroberts@kybar.org/a or call (502) 564-3795 ext. 224. Submit entries with contact information to Shannon H. Roberts, Communications Department, Kentucky Bar Association, 514 W. Main Street, Frankfort, KY 40601-1812. /p

Resource Center Closed 1 - 4 Today

Wed, 01/08/2014 - 09:12
The Resource Center, as well as many offices, will be closed today from 1 to 4 p.m. for Professor Render's funeral service.

In Memoriam of Professor Ed Render

Mon, 01/06/2014 - 12:39
pWe are deeply saddened to report that Professor Render passed away on Saturday, January 4, at Baptist East Hospital after a short battle with cancer.  A funeral service celebrating his life will be held on January 8 at St. Mark's Episcopal Church.  Memorial gifts may be made to the Edwin R. Render Scholarship Fund at the Law School.  Professor Render was a good, compassionate person  who positively affected countless people in his 45+ years at the Law School.  He will be greatly missed by many./ppYou can read the complete obituary here:/ppa href=http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/louisville/obituary.aspx?n=edwin-r-renderamp;pid=1688972 target=_blankuspan style=color: #0066cc/span/u/auspan style=color: #0066cca href=http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/louisville/obituary.aspx?n=edwin-r-renderamp;pid=168897210amp;fhid=29361http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/louisville/obituary.aspx?n=edwin-r-renderamp;pid=168897210amp;fhid=29361/a/spana href=http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/louisville/obituary.aspx?n=edwin-r-renderamp;pid=168897210amp;fhid=29361/a/ua href=http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/louisville/obituary.aspx?n=edwin-r-renderamp;pid=168897210amp;fhid=29361/aa href=http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/louisville/obituary.aspx?n=edwin-r-renderamp;pid=168897210amp;fhid=29361/aua href=http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/louisville/obituary.aspx?n=edwin-r-renderamp;pid=168897210amp;fhid=29361/aspan style=color: #0066cca href=http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/louisville/obituary.aspx?n=edwin-r-renderamp;pid=168897210amp;fhid=29361/aa href=http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/louisville/obituary.aspx?n=edwin-r-renderamp;pid=168897210amp;fhid=2936110amp;fhid=29361/a/span/u./ppnbsp;/p

Law School Closed Monday, January 6

Sun, 01/05/2014 - 19:36
pDue to severe weather, offices will be closed and classes canceled on Monday, January 6, 2014./ppnbsp;/p

Recent Bar Publications

Thu, 01/02/2014 - 16:49
pHere's a review of recent local publications from the Louisville and Kentucky Bar Associations.br /br /Highlights from the Louisville Bar Association's bJanuary 2014 iBar Briefs/i/b include:/pulliquot;Brandeis Professors Travel The Worldquot; (page 6) /liliquot;LBA Adopts Human Rights Law Sectionquot; by A. Holland Houston, '94 (page 7)/liliquot;Congratluations to the LBA's 2013 Leadership Academyquot; picturing Louisville Law alums (page 10)/liliquot;2013 LBA Award Recipientsquot; featuring Louisville Law alums (page 17) /liliquot;Members on the movequot; (page 24)/liliquot;Crisscross Law: Courts and the Constitutionquot; by Sabine Kudmani Stovall, '09 (page 21)/li/ulquot;Spotlight on UofL's Intellectual Property and Business Law Educationquot; is the focus of Dean Susan Duncan's report in the bDecemer 2013 issue of the iBar Briefs/i/b. The faculty expertise of Professors Cross, Ensign, Nicholson, Smith, are Warren are noted. Her report also mentions the success of the Entrepreneurship Cinic's participation in the Global Venture Labs Investment Competition and recent moot court competitions. br /br /More highlights from the December 2013 Bar Briefs:br /ulliquot;The Old Man of the Internet: iThomas.gov/i and the Promise of Online Legislative Research Fulfilledquot; by Professor Kurt Metzmeier (page 15)/liliquot;The Fractious Federal Circuit: The Federal Circuit Has Lost its Unifying Mojo; Will That Doom  Computer-Based Patents?quot; by James R. Higgins Jr., '78 (page 10)/liliquot;Potential Pitfalls in Taking a Patent Assignment at Face Valuequot; by Scott W. Higdon, '08 (page 18)/liliquot;Going Solo? Be Preparedquot; by Bryan R. Armstrong, '07 (page 23)/liliquot;Crisscross Law: Technology amp; IPquot; by Sabine Kudmani Stovall, '09 (page 25) /liliquot;Members on the movequot; (page 28)/li/ulIn the bNovember 2013 iBench amp; Bar/i/b issue, Dean Duncan reports about Justice Brandeis' earliest memories of his mother serving Union soldiers on the front lawn. Fittingly, the anniversary of his birth was celebrated on Veteran's Day this past year. Her report goes on to include the military's importance and impact on the law school throughout its history and concludes with a photograph of the law school's newest student veterans. br /br /More highlights from the November 2013 Bench amp; Bar:br /ulliquot;A Place to Begin for Advising on Cloud Computing: iThomas Shaw's Cloud Computing for Lawyers and Executives: A Global Approach, 2nd Ed., ABA Publishing/iquot; by Michael Losavio, Assistant Professor of Justice Administration at UofL (page 23)/liliquot;On the Movequot; (page 60)/li/ulBoth publications are available in the law library.