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Lawlapalooza Band Registration Begins!

Tue, 09/02/2014 - 07:28
p Band registration for a href= 2014, quot;A Bran Deis Night/a,quot; began Monday, Sept. 1. Seven bands have already registered, leaving one available slot. If you wish to register your band to participate, a href= target=_blankgo here/a. /p p Registered bands include: /p ul liThe Grateful Decedents, featuring 3L a href=/user/1517Mina Khalil/a/li liFrederick/li liMersey Shore/li li100% Legal/li liThe Bottles/li liIrrational Basses, and/lilidefending champs The Subconscionables, featuring a href=/faculty/timothy_hallProfessor Tim Hall/a on guitar and a href=/staff/james_beckerAsst. Dean Jim Becker/a on drums/li /ul p Lawlapalooza, the Louisville legal community's annual battle of the bands, benefits the Judge Ellen B. Ewing Fund, which provides summer fellowships for Brandeis School of Law students to work in the areas of family law, domestic violence and spouse abuse, and HIV/AIDS. /p p Lawlapalooza 2014 will be held Thursday, October 16, at the Phoenix Hill Tavern. Tickets are $10 each and will be on sale soon. This year's theme commemorates 50 years of Beatlemania, with each band performing at least one Beatles song. /p

Welcome Two New Faces to the Brandeis School of Law

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 12:08
p class=p1The Brandeis School of Law is pleased to welcome two new faces to the law school community this semester, both of whom will be working closely with the student body. Jennifer T. DiSanza arrived in Louisville this summer to become Assistant Dean of Student Life, while Scott A. Hite is pleased to take over as the Director of Academic Success./p p class=p1Both newcomers wish to forge a strong partnership with the law school’s students, and encourage students to stop by their offices, Rooms 212 (Hite) and 216 (DiSanza) to ask for guidance, information, or just to chat about thelaw school experience./p p class=p1Here is some brief background information about these individuals: /p p class=p2nbsp;/p p class=p1bJennifer T. DiSanza/b/p p class=p1bAssistant Dean of Student Life/b/p p class=p1After spending the last 14 years in law school student services at two different schools, the University of Maryland School of Law and Capital University Law School, Jennifer DiSanza arrived in Louisville this summer and said that she has been overwhelmed by the “Southern hospitality” and generosity of the faculty, staff, and students in the short time she’s been in the Bluegrass State./p p class=p1Dean DiSanza received her law degree from the University of Maryland in 2002, her master’s degree in strategic human resources from Johns Hopkins University in 2005, and her undergraduate degree is in business, specifically human resources, from Miami University in Ohio. In fact, Dean DiSanza enrolled in law school because of her extensive experience in human resources and her desire to “move up the corporate ladder” at a large manufacturing company where she was employed and where everyone in the corporate employee and labor relations department seemed to have a law degree.  /p p class=p1Having moved multiple times for the company in a five-year span, Dean DiSanza wanted an assurance that she could stay in Baltimore to complete her law degree in Maryland, but the company responded that she would, unfortunately, miss out on promotion opportunities as a result. /p p class=p1“It was at that time, I ‘accidentally’ fell into student services, because I was active at my law school alma mater, and the soon-to-be Assistant Dean of Student Affairs needed a director,” DiSanza said.  “It was an almost seamless transition from HR to student services.”/p p class=p1DiSanza regards her career move into student services as the best decision she’s ever made.     /p p class=p1“I believe the partnership between student life and academics is core to the mission of the school, without one, the other suffers,” she said. “Students need support in all aspects of their law school education, and that is what Student Life is here to do. As student advocates, Student Life personnel are here to listen to issues, concerns and stressors, and try to help students cope with the things that happen while in law school. My mantra is, ‘life happens while you are in law school.’ You can’t expect everything around you to stop for three years, while you are getting your degree. That’s where we come in.”/p p class=p1When she’s not exploring new places, listening to live music, or visiting with family, friends, or her dog in her spare time, Dean DiSanza is committed to collaborating among the different constituencies at the law school, overseeing and enhancing the extra- and co-curricular activities at the school, and improving the overall learning experience here at Brandeis.  /p p class=p1Her number one tip for students? “If you are having trouble, do not wait; seek out assistance as soon as you feel something isn’t right.”  /p p class=p2nbsp;/p p class=p1bScott A. Hite/b/p p class=p1bDirector of Academic Success/b/p p class=p1In his new role as Director of Academic Success, what he describes as the “perfect fit,” Scott Hite has so many tips for how to be successful in law school, that he found it difficult to think of just one when pressed for answer. That said, Hite settled on reminding students to “stay diligent,” because “diligence will carry over to your professional career.”/p p class=p1“I have already noticed how much the students respect the professors, so creating a solid partnership between my office and the students is a fundamental ongoing objective of mine,” he said. “I want to make sure that every student views my office as a resource for opportunity and success while they attend law school. My door must be open to them, and I must be always approachable.” /p p class=p1A native of nearby Bardstown, Hite has been drawn to a career involving the law since childhood. One decade after earning his undergraduate degree in English and mass communications at Bellarmine University, one decade later, Hite attended and graduated from Thomas Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. While in Lansing, Hite clerked at a small criminal defense firm, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, and for then-Attorney General Jennifer Granholm, who later served as the Governor of Michigan. In Louisville, Hite has externed at the Louisville Public Defender Office, in addition to serving as an applications consultant for LexisNexis for a number of years and as an associate attorney for a small insurance defense firm. Most recently, Hite returned to Bellarmine to earn his master’s degree in communications. /p p class=p1When not helping students in their law school pursuits, you can find Hite, an avid golfer, finishing a travel and review book on the top public golf courses in Kentucky, cycling the back roads of Oldham County, collecting batch bourbon, or cheering on his favorite sports teams at his home in Prospect, where he lives with his wife and four dogs. /p

Law Library Fall Hours

Fri, 08/15/2014 - 12:14
div class=content pThe Law Library's Fall semester schedule begins Monday, August 18. The library will generally be open from 8 AM to 11 PM Monday's thru Thursday's, 8 AM to 6 PM on Friday's, 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturday's and 1 PM to 11 PM on Sunday's. /ppPlease note that in addition Labor Day (September 1), the Law Library is closed on Sunday, August 24, due to traffic issues caused by the annual Iron Man triathalon. /p ul type=discli class=MsoNormala href=/library/about/hoursLaw Library Hours/a/lili class=MsoNormala href= Library Hours /a/li/ul /div