Waiting for Kentucky bar exam results

Kentucky Office of Bar Admissions

The Kentucky Office of Bar Admissions has issued this notice:

The July 2008 Kentucky Bar Examination results will be released on Friday, October 3, 2008. A list of the successful applicants will be posted on this website by applicant number only sometime during the afternoon of October 3rd.

Official results letter will be mailed to all applicants on Friday, October 3, 2008 to the last known address in the Office of Bar Admissions' records.

The Cardinal Lawyer is keeping its fingers crossed on behalf of all Louisville graduates awaiting good news from the Office of Bar Admissions. Good luck!

Update, October 4, 2008: This item comes from a 2008 UofL Law graduate who was among the July 2008 bar exam candidates waiting to find her score:

In the mother of all six-months-from-April Fool's jokes, the KBA experienced a temporary glitch in which the "July 2008" icon on the website linked to February 2008's list of successful applicants. As one of the July 2008 applicants who nearly had a heart attack when she didn't see her number (on the February list), I can assure you that it was hilarious.

Happily, this applicant passed and will be taking her oath later this month as a new member of the Kentucky bar.