Constitution Day 2009


Mike Wilkins, Preamble (1987). Featured in the University of Louisville School of Law's Constitution Day Picture Gallery.

The Law School celebrated Constitution Day on September 17. We take great pride in presenting an annual commemoration of Constitution Day on behalf of the entire University of Louisville. For the benefit of its readers, The Cardinal Lawyer reprises the two video presentations that comprised this year's program.

In the first video, Law School faculty discuss the appointment of Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Professors Laura Rothstein, Judith Fischer, Luke Milligan, Samuel Marcosson, and Cedric Merlin Powell and Dean Jim Chen, joined by Professor John McGinnis of the Northwestern University School of Law, ponder the significance of Justice Sotomayor's arrival on the nation's highest court. In the second video, Professor Joseph Tomain presents Fleeting Expletives and the Shadow of the First Amendment.

The Law School's Constitution Day page represents a year-round guide to American constitutional law. Whenever the anniversary of the Constitution is celebrated, we invite other institutions, throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky and elsewhere, to link to our Constitution Day page and to use the resources we have collected. Those resources include a 21-question constitutional scavenger hunt and a picture gallery depicting constitutional controversies throughout American history. Our page also includes archives of the Law School's Constitution Day programs from 2008 and 2007.