The University of Louisville's Legal Studies Research Paper Series on SSRN

SSRNSubscribeI am extremely pleased to announce that the University of Louisville School of Law has initiated its Legal Studies Research Paper Series on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). Having our own SSRN series enables friends of the Law School to receive the latest updates on scholarship by our faculty.

SSRN is the leading online distribution network for scholarship in law and allied social sciences. It is to law, economics, and management science what is to physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology and statistics. Scholars in law and related fields use SSRN in order to receive prepublication comments from their peers. We also use SSRN as a distribution network, before and after publication, to maximize exposure for our scholarship.

Having our own Legal Studies Research Paper Series will enhance the University of Louisville's already prominent profile in SSRN. According to SSRN's most recent institutional rankings (compiled November 2, 2007, from download statistics current as of October 2), the University of Louisville ranks 48th among law schools worldwide in SSRN downloads during the past 12 months and 90th for all-time downloads. We have attained this distinction on the basis of a relatively modest pool of authors, ranked 112th overall in size, with little to no active participation in SSRN before 2007.

We invite all constituents of the Law School — students, alumni, faculty, staff, and other friends — to subscribe to our SSRN series. Monthly updates to the series will highlight new work. Because SSRN also invites authors to post older papers on the network, our series will also include less recent scholarship published by our faculty.

Finally, I wish to thank Virginia Smith and Kurt Metzmeier for their heroic efforts in launching Louisville Law's SSRN series. The entire faculty — indeed, the entire Law School — owes them a great deal of gratitude for their service.