SSRN status report


As an update on my earlier stories (November 2 and December 3) on the University of Louisville Legal Studies Research Paper Series, I am pleased to share Professor Virginia Smith's latest report on our Law School's performance on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN):

  • We are currently ranked #43 among U.S. law schools.
  • We have 20 authors who have uploaded a total of 159 papers.
  • There are 5,557 subscribers to our research paper series.

I hasten to add that SSRN's rankings are not weighted by faculty size. As a small law school, we are performing remarkably well on this network. Indeed, twelve months ago, our Law School had almost no presence on SSRN. We have since moved into the top quartile of American law schools and will endeavor to continue climbing.

Once again, I exhort all friends of the Law School to take advantage of our two vehicles for transmitting our faculty's latest scholarship:

  1. Visit the University of Louisville Legal Studies Research Paper Series and subscribe to our SSRN series.

  2. Visit the University of Louisville's Selected Works page. BEPress, the publisher of Selected Works, offers multiple options for receiving notices of our faculty's latest contributions to the Law School's Selected Works series, including a dedicated  RSS feed.

Downloads from SSRN and Selected Works are free of charge.