President Ramsey's accolades and the business of education

President James Ramsey

Business First of Louisville has named Dr. James Ramsey, President of the University of Louisville, as its large company business leader of the year.

This news, celebrated by the entire UofL community, warrants notice for reasons besides the natural (if rather venal) desire to curry favor with the boss. Business First chose our university's president as a business leader. Our university's own press release highlighted President Ramsey's leadership in hiring top researchers, boosting economic development, improving the university's academic profile, and beautifying the campus. Business First and the university named two specific projects: the Cardinal Covenant (which enables low-income students to attend college and to graduate free of debt) and the Signature Partnership (which commits the University to improving education, health, social welfare, and economic development in Louisville's West End).

President Ramsey's honor reminds all of us at the University of Louisville, and in higher education generally, of the fundamentally important relationship between education and business. Though our university is not operated for profit, it must be run as a business. And running our university as a successful business, as President Ramsey has done, enables us to contribute to the higher training, useful education, and economic well-being of the community we serve.