A test of fanhood

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With Super Bowl XLII, national college football signing day, and even the Pro Bowl behind us, football 2007 has truly given way to a new season.

Some might define that new season as basketball, as conference play deepens and postseason possibilities loom.

Still others look longingly toward the baseball diamond, where pitchers and catchers prepare to report to Major League training camps, where the 2008 baseball Cardinals hope to build upon their run into the 2007 College World Series.

I prefer, in a personal season of repentance and introspection, to focus upon improving on the Cardinals' 2007 football campaign. A 6-6 record, with no bowl, satisfied no one in the Cardinal nation. Indeed, throughout the University of Louisville, we now face a fiscal crisis of statewide proportions. How shall we manage in these tough budgetary times?

We can and will do better. The 2007 season was a test of fanhood. It is easy during good times to wear loyalty on your sleeve. But it takes a true fan to keep the faith during difficult times.

For fans of UofL football and of higher education in Kentucky, this indeed is our hour of need. We face a daunting test of fanhood. And we're going to pass with flying colors.