The name on the jersey

University of Louisville Men's Basketball
Senior Class, 2008
Terrance FarleyDavid PadgettJuan Palacios
#43 Terrance Farley#4 David Padgett#3 Juan Palacios

Rick PitinoSunday, March 2, was the home finale for the University of Louisville's men's basketball team. I was privileged to attend. The pregame ceremony honored three seniors who played their final game at Freedom Hall: Terrance Farley, David Padgett, and Juan Palacios. Head coach Rick Pitino, in his tribute to these three seniors, delivered no greater compliment than this:

These players played for the name on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

It's a compliment I hope to infuse in a different portion of the University of Louisville.

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