The Cardinal Lawyer II: Birds of a Feather

The Cardinal Lawyer welcomes members and friends of the UofL Law community to collaborate on a new project — The Cardinal Lawyer II: Birds of a Feather.

Birds of a Feather represents an extension of the original Cardinal Lawyer blog. At Birds of a Feather, I invite graduates, students, faculty, staff, and friends of UofL Law to build pages that present people, news, events, and ideas of interest to the entire Law School community. The key is collaboration: this new site, unlike the original Cardinal Lawyer weblog, counts on an entire community of readers to contribute content of their own.

The pages on this site fall into three primary categories:

By design, The Cardinal Lawyer II: Birds of a Feather is a collaborative site.  If you know how to format a word processing document or even e-mail, you have all the skills you need to contribute to this site.  If you have a connection to UofL Law and would like to contribute news, build a personal profile page, or initiate a discussion, all you have to do to send me a request by e-mail.  Your Birds of a Feather credentials are waiting for you.