Constitution Day 2010

The Law School takes great pride in presenting Constitution Day 2010:

  • Luke M. Milligan, Introduction
  • Jim Chen, McDonald v. City of Chicago: The States and the Second Amendment
  • Samuel A. Marcosson, The California Same-Sex Marriage Case
  • Luke M. Milligan, City of Ontario v. Quon
  • Laura Rothstein, Christian Legal Society v. Martinez
  • Joseph A. Tomain, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission


Tracey Roberts launches Louisville Faculty & Friends

Tracey Roberts

Professor Tracey M. Roberts, the newest member of the UofL Law faculty, has lost no time in connecting with her new neighbors on campus and in the community. Professor Roberts was the subject of a UofL Today feature called "20 Minutes with Tracey Roberts. The story describes how Professor Roberts has started a group called Louisville Faculty & Friends to help newcomers connect with their new colleagues. A native of Franklin, Kentucky, Professor Roberts returns to her home state with an idea she drew from her time at the University of Colorado. According to Professor Roberts, "Louisville Faculty & Friends is a social group designed to integrate faculty into the broader Louisville community, provide informational resources to newcomers, encourage cross-disciplinary and public-private collaboration, and generally have fun."

The Law School is delighted to welcome Professor Roberts back to Kentucky, where she has fulfilled her dream of teaching law and is now in a prime "position to make an important contribution through my research and teaching to both academia and (hopefully) generations of students, attorneys and policymakers." Professor Roberts teaches courses on taxation and on climate change and the law. Her scholarship applies tax policy and principles of public finance tools to environmental law and land use regulation.

The Law School's third annual community service day

Community Service Day

The Law School community concluded orientation week 2010 with its third annual community service day. On August 13, exactly 90 percent of the entering class — 126 out of 140 students — took part in projects benefiting Catholic Charities, Dare to Care Food Bank, Family Scholar House, Habitat for Humanity, Locust Grove, Hosparus, Kentucky Refugee Ministries, Masonic Homes, the New Albany-Floyd County Animal Shelter, Operation Brightside, the Ronald McDonald House, and St. Vincent de Paul. Ten upper-division law students, seven staff members, and eight faculty members also participated.

Community service day demonstrates how our students transform themselves — and the world around them — for good. From building homes to painting animal shelters and cleaning up the community, our students show that they can help everywhere, from the classroom to the courtroom and beyond:

Operation Brightside
New Albany-Floyd County Animal Shelter

The law and policy of a sustainable food system


Please join me from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, August 17, at the Louisville Bar Association for a continuing legal education program on the law and policy of a sustainable food system:

Food and agriculture affects everyone. Find out about legal and policy developments at the local and national level and how they relate to sustainability. Wendell Berry, noted author, environmentalist, and farmer, will provide an introduction. Speakers will address topics of community based agriculture, food labeling and regulation, and genetically modified organisms.

In addition to Wendell Berry, I will be sharing the stage with Cathy Franck of the Real Food WatchClub, LLC, Susan L. Hamilton of Metropolitan Louisville's Economic Development Department, and Sarah Fritschner of the Farm-to-Table Program. My contribution to the program will consist of remarks derived from Beyond Food and Evil, 56 Duke L.J. 1581 (2007). I am grateful to section chair Robert J. Ehrler and to section vice-chair Cathy Franck for the opportunity to take part in this program.

Practicing lawyers seeking 2.0 CLE hours will be charged either $75 (LBA members) or $150 (nonmembers). There is a special student rate of $12, which includes lunch. For more information, please contact Lisa Maddox.

A tangled triangle


The Cardinal Lawyer has often touted the prominence of UofL Law faculty on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). As a member of our faculty, I am proud to contribute my scholarship to UofL Law's collective library of works on SSRN. We invite all friends of the Law School to subscribe to UofL Law's Legal Studies Research Paper Series on SSRN.

I invite interested readers to download these papers and others from my personal SSRN page. I also invite interested readers to receive my SSRN updates via e-mail:

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Dead to rights

Jim Jones

Professor James T.R. Jones expounds on the rights of the dead on WFPL 89.3-FM's State of Affairs program for August 2, 2010:

We’ve all heard the phrase in movies or just general conversation, “he’s worth more dead than alive.” Well, for celebrities and the weathiest citizens, that might actually be true. From who gets the body to who gets the cash, a person’s rights and wishes don’t end when they die. In fact, sometimes the dead have more rights than the living. Join us [for this] talk about the rights of the dead.

Download the podcast of Professor Jones's radio program. Better yet, enjoy the show right here on The Cardinal Lawyer.


Download the audio file  of Professor Jones's State of Affairs program on the rights of the dead.

Campaign finance and the Supreme Court

Citizens United

The United States Supreme Court's blockbuster decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, No. 08-205 (U.S. Jan. 21, 2010), declares that corporations enjoy the constitutional freedom of speech on par with individuals and overturns high court precedent that had upheld statutory limitations on corporate funding of independent political broadcasts. UofL Law faculty members Russell Weaver and Joseph Tomain joined Jasmine Farrier, the University of Louisville's prelaw advisor, in WFPL 89.3's February 23, 2010, State of Affairs broadcast called "Campaign Finance and the Supreme Court."

The Cardinal Lawyer invites you to download the audio podcast of this program. Better yet, stay on this page and listen to Professors Weaver, Tomain, and Farrier right here:

Capping off a great deal

Section 1 has secured Professor David Leibson's hat. In fulfillment of a contract made in October 2009, 1L students Nancy Vinsel and Alex Davis presented Professor Leibson with a check for $1040 and twenty-four 12-ounce cans of Dr. Brown’s Diet Cream Soda. In exchange, Professor Leibson gave a golf hat signed by PGA champion Byron Nelson and staged a lunchtime presentation on February 11 for the enjoyment of the Section 1 Torts class. The money raised by Ms. Vinsel, Mr. Davis, and their classmates will support student scholarships.

The hat exchange began last fall as a way of helping fellow law students. Ms. Vinsel and Mr. Davis collected pledges of $10 from each of their Section 1 classmates. Mr. Davis said, "This started out as a really small idea, and it was amazing to watch it grow as other students and faculty came up with ideas to make the offer better. We're hoping to challenge future classes to buy the hat from us and raise even more money."

The terms of the contract are in themselves a thing of beauty. Section 1 has challenged future classes to top their net contribution of $1040 and to exceed the eighteen terms they used to seal their deal with Professor Leibson. The venue in which Alex Davis published this contract, 1L at UofL, is a wonderful record of Mr. Davis's experiences as a first-year student.

The Cardinal Lawyer tips its hat to Nancy Vinsel, Alex Davis, Professor David Leibson, and all the students in the Section 1 Torts class for this imaginative way of helping other students achieve their dream of learning the law and joining the legal profession.

The third annual Sports and Entertainment Law Society Super Bowl party

Super Bowl XLIV

On behalf of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society, I invite the entire UofL Law community to enjoy Super Bowl LXIV at the third annual SELS Super Bowl party. Join me, the members of SELS, and the most intense football fans in the Cardinal Nation on Super Sunday, February 7, 2010 at 5:30 p.m. at Molly Malone's Irish Pub in St. Matthews, 3900 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY 40207, (502) 882-2222. Tickets at the door cost $12 and entitle holders to food and drink on a first-come-first-serve basis. Come cheer the Saints or the Colts and support the Sports and Entertainment Law Society.

Law School newsletter, fall semester 2009

The Cardinal Lawyer invites you to read the fall 2009 edition of the Law School newsletter. This electronic publication brings you the latest news from all parts of the UofL Law community. The results of the 2009 Pirtle-Washer Oral Advocacy Competition and the annual law school football game between the Universities of Louisville and Kentucky — depicted and celebrated in the photographs below — represent merely two examples of the rich content you'll find in the newsletter.

2009 Pirtle-Washer competition 2009 UofL Law/UK Law football game