Video Deposition Services

UofL Law offers video recording of depositions and arbitration and mediation hearings. We have two facilities available, our Hearing Room and the Allen Courtroom.


  First Hour Each Additional Hour First DVD Set Additional DVD Sets
UofL Departments $75 $50 Free $5 per set
Non-UofL Affiliated $150 $100 Free $5 per set

The first-hour rate will be applied each day, including events continued over several days.

To reserve one of these spaces for video recording, please complete and submit the form below. All recording services are subject to our Terms of Use.

General contact information

Please provide the following information about you and your organization.

Tax-exempt information
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Billing contact information
Information about the event

Approximate end time is sufficient.  You will be billed on actual use, not necessarily the time you have reserved.

If you expect your event to span two or more days, please indicate the additional dates and times here.

Each DVD can hold approximately two hours of video. Whether your event fills one DVD or ten, the first complete set is free. Each additional set is an additional $5.00 charge.

Event contact

Please provide the following information about a person from your organization who will be present during this event.