Student Printing Policy


Violation of any of the following rules may result in loss of the use of law school technology resources, including printing.

  1. Each enrolled law student is allocated five hundred (500) pages of printing credit during fall and spring semesters and one hundred (100) pages during summer semesters.
  2. As print jobs sent to Lexis-Nexis printers do not affect printing allocations, students are advised to print LexisNexis research to its printers.
  3. At any time, students may purchase additional printing credit at the Law Resource Center in room 272 during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
  4. Additional printing credit purchased at the Law Resource Center may not be credited to the student’s printing account until the next business day. Therefore, it is incumbent upon each student to monitor his or her printing balance and plan accordingly.
  5. Additional printing credit is sold in five dollar ($5.00) increments of one hundred (100) pages ($.05 per page).


Refunds of printing credit will only be granted if a student is charged for print jobs that do not print, or his/her prints are sufficiently flawed as to make them objectively unusable. All such determinations shall be made by a member of the IT staff. Refunds will be granted only for the number of flawed pages, and not for the entire print job. To receive a refund for an aborted or flawed print job, the student must report the problem immediately to the IT Help Desk:


Exceptions to general printing limits will be granted to the following students in the following manners:

  • Student Organization Officers, Editors and Members
    Editors, officers and members of student organizations, including the University of Louisville Law Review, Journal of Law & Education, Journal of Animal & Environmental Law, Student Bar Association, and Moot Court Board, may and must use the organization's office printer(s) for organization-related work.
  • Research Assistants
    Faculty research assistants will be granted access to a network printer in the Law Resource Center in Room 272. This printer should only be used for work related to one's assignments as a research assistant.