Policy and Procedures: Audio-Video Recording of Events

The School of Law's policy is to record important law school events that will most benefit our students, faculty and staff, as well as the communities of Louisville, the Commonwealth of Kentucky and beyond. These guidelines are to ensure that the School of Law's IT department's staff and resources are used wisely, to maximize the benefits to our law school and other communities. This policy applies to audio, video or other electronic recordings of law school events, including classes and non-class events.

Technically, events are categorized as simple or complex.

Simple Events

Simple events include regular and make-up classes, Academic Success workshops and other events typically featuring a single speaker. For simple events, self-recording technologies such as the Tegrity class capture system, which automatically posts the recording on Blackboard, are most often appropriate.

Complex Events

Complex events typically feature two or more speakers, for which multiple cameras and/or microphones are appropriate, and also require more preparation than simple events. The recording of any complex event is subject to the availability of IT department resources, including both personnel and equipment.

In the initial planning stage of complex events, the event's sponsor or coordinator must request that the School of Law IT department record the event as follows:

  1. Complete the Request to Record an Event form. Only event sponsors/coordinators, which include School of Law faculty, staff or student organization officers acting in their official capacities, may request recording.
  2. When guest speakers will participate in the event to be recorded, download the standard Speaker Consent and Release form from the Request to Record an Event page, above. The Speaker Consent and Release grants the School of Law permission to record, reproduce and distribute the speaker's presentation.
  3. Ask guest speakers to complete the A-V Services Questionnaire for Guest Speakers. The questionnaire is intended to determine what presentation aids and equipment will be needed for the event.

The event sponsor/coordinator should request recording at least 30 days before the event to allow sufficient time for guest speakers to complete and return the Speaker Consent and Release form and A-V Services Questionnaire, which should be submitted to the IT staff at least one week before the event to be recorded.

Within the law school building, Room 275 is the ideal location for events to be recorded, as the room is equipped with a high-definition camera, audio mixer and recording controls in Room 271. Recordings made in Room 275 can be edited, processed and posted online relatively easily. Recordings made in other law school or remote locations take additional IT time and effort and, consequently, may take longer to post online. Event sponsors/coordinators should consider location and ease of recording when planning an event.

It is within the discretion of the person or persons sponsoring or coordinating each event to determine whether to request that the event be recorded. The School of Law IT department may not decide unilaterally to record an event for which no properly submitted request has been made.

Substantively, events are categorized as Classes or Non-Class Events.


Classes include regular and make-up classes. It is within the sole discretion of each professor whether to record regular and/or make-up class meetings. Generally, classes are simple events for which the Tegrity class capture system is appropriate and adequate. Tegrity recordings are posted automatically on the Blackboard site for each class where they are accessible only to the instructor and enrolled members of the class for the duration of the class.

Upon request by the professor, the School of Law IT department will instruct him/her in the use of the Tegrity class capture system. Every classroom is equipped with the Tegrity capture software and a wide-angle microphone.

Non-Class Events

Non-Class Events, which may be simple or complex, include those sponsored or coordinated by the School of Law, such as:

  • Career Services information sessions
  • Partners in Professionalism events
  • Academic Success workshops
  • Events with guest speakers
  • Diversity Forums
  • Law Review Symposia
  • Information sessions (e.g., clinic, externships)

And those sponsored, coordinated or presented by non-School of Law persons or entities, such as:

  • Westlaw
  • Lexis-Nexis
  • Bar/Bri
  • PMBR
  • Kaplan
  • Other private or public, for-profit or not-for-profit organizations

Some Non-Class Events are also often simple events for which the Tegrity class capture system is appropriate and adequate. Those Tegrity recordings are posted automatically on Blackboard, where they are accessible only to enrolled students.

However, many Non-Class Events are complex, for which the procedures discussed above (see Complex Events) apply.

Note: Some events sponsored, coordinated or presented by non-School of Law persons or entities may also be subject to fees, including, but not limited to, fees for the use of facilities, audio-visual presentation and recording equipment, and personnel.