Terms of Use

  1. All video recordings will be produced on digital versatile disc (DVD).
  2. Because UofL Law's DVD recorders can record up to two (2) hours of video on a single disc, clients are strongly encouraged to schedule ten-minute breaks every three hours, allowing sufficient time to finalize each recorded disc and queue up a new disc.
  3. If your event ends earlier than originally scheduled on a particular day, the designated Event Contact should notify the UofL Law's IT staff at his/her earliest convenience.
  4. With the exception of a stenotype machine, no recording or transcription equipment other than that provided by UofL Law will be permitted.
  5. Upon initial registration, UofL-affiliated groups wishing to use UofL Law's video recording facilities must provide a PeopleSoft SpeedType number, which will be charged for use of the facilities.
  6. Upon initial registration, tax-exempt organizations must provide their federal tax-exempt ID number.
  7. You will not be charged prior to any event, and you will only be charged for actual use, rounded up to the nearest quarter hour.
  8. The first-hour fee will be applied each day, to include events continued over two or more days.
  9. A minimum of one hour will be charged for all events.
  10. You may cancel or reschedule your event, pending availability, at any time without penalty, though 24 hours advance notice is appreciated.
  11. Your registered billing contact will receive an invoice within five business days following the conclusion of each event. Invoices are due and payable within 30 calendar days.
  12. Events that are by statute, regulation or other legal authority public hearings shall be open to UofL Law students, faculty and staff and to the general public.