Reel 83 Zionism-Palestine 1918

Reel 83 continues correspondence between Brandeis, the honorary president, and other members of the Provisional Executive Committee for General Zionist Affairs. Correspondents include Jacob deHaas, Stephen S. Wise, Oscar S. Straus, Bernard Flexner, Felix Frankfurter, Julian W. Mack, Robert D. Kesselman, and Henrietta Szold. Minutes of the meetings of the office committee and executive board of the Provisional Executive Committee for 1918, as well as miscellaneous papers, are also found. These miscellaneous papers include reports on Jewish resettlement in Palestine, reports from regional and overseas bureaus, copies of communications received by others and passed on for Brandeis's information, and additional correspondence from Zionists Chaim Weizman, Richard Gottheil, Louis Lipsky, and E. W. Lewin-Epstein. (Boxes Z/P 24-1b/2, 25-1/2g)