Reel 85 Zionism-Palestine 1920-1922

Minutes of meetings held by the National Executive Committee and a majority report of the Committee on Palestine Activities, of the Zionist Organization of America, continues on reel 85. The remainder of the reel contains: correspondence between Brandeis and other Zionists on the activities of the Zionist Organization of America, including an address by Brandeis before the London Zionist Conference, July 14, 1920; letters between Brandeis, Julian W. Mack, and Jacob deHaas concerning the split and subsequent reorganization of the American Zionist movement; and discussion after reorganization on the activities of the newly formed Palestine Development Leagues. Correspondents include Bernard Rosenblatt, Stephen S. Wise, Felix Frankfurter, Bernard Flexner, Mary Fels, Alexander Sachs, Ben V. Cohen, and Louis Lipsky. (Boxes Z/P 27-1e/2, 28, 29-1a)