Reel 87 Zionism-Palestine 1924-1927

General correspondence to Brandeis from the officers of the Palestine Development Leagues, from December 1924 to November 1927, is found on reel 87. Of special interest are diary entries from Jacob deHaas in which he personally assessed the Palestinian situation and suggested solutions to the problems he found; letters from Julian W. Mack and Nathan Straus discussing personalities and problems with the Palestinian organization, and from Robert Szold on financing the Leagues and their work. Other correspondents include Bernard Flexner, Herbert Hoover, Roscoe Pound, Stephen S. Wise, Arnold Margolin, Paul Singer, Mary Fels, Susan Brandeis, Julius Simon, and Henrietta Szold. (Boxes Z/P 31-1i, 32, 33, 34-1/2c)