Reel 88 Zionism-Palestine 1927-1932

Reel 88 contains general correspondence between Brandeis and other Zionists for November and December, 1927, and all of 1928. Correspondents of note include Jacob deHaas, Julian W. Mack, Bernard Flexner, Leo Wolman, Max Rhoade, Robert and Zip Szold, Julius Simon, Pearl Franklin, and Stephen S. Wise. Also included in general correspondence (folder Z/P 34-2e) is the accountant's reports for "Palestine Endowment Funds, Inc." for December 1, 1927. There are two folders of correspondence that detail Brandeis's contribution to Histradrut, a Jewish labor organization, that sought productive employment in Palestine, and the reel ends with correspondence from Judge Julian W. Mack, who discussed financing Palestine projects, as well as Supreme Court opinions and world and national events. (Boxes Z/P 34-2d/3, 35, 36-1a/1b)