Reel 90 Zionism-Palestine 1929-1930

Arab riots in Palestine in August, 1929, and a new British government unsympathetic to Zionism provoked correspondence and reports to Brandeis from such people as J. C. Hymen and Felix Warburg of the Jewish Agency, Robert D. Kesselman and Emanuel Mohl in Jerusalem and Pinhas Rutenburg. Also found is a report sent at Brandeis's request by Bernard Joseph, a lawyer in Jerusalem, on the legal inquiry into the August riots; correspondence with Jack Gilbert, Brandeis's son-in-law, on enlisting contributions and personnel for the Zionist cause; 1929 and 1930 news clippings concerned primarily with Arab-Jewish problems in Palestine; and several folders of correspondence from Julian W. Mack for 1930. (Boxes Z/P 38-3, 39, 40, 41-1a/1d)