Reel 95 Zionism-Palestine 1931

Reel 95 begins with correspondence and reports from Col. F. H. Kisch describing activities he fostered on behalf of the Jewish Agency in Palestine. Collateral material on the same topic includes reports and copies of correspondence between the executive of the Jewish Agency and members of the British government on the 1930 White Paper on the Palestine mandate. There is also the Jewish Agency's analysis of John Hope-Simpson's 1930 report on immigration, land settlement, and development that he submitted to the British Secretary of State for the Colonies, after a visit to Palestine. Letters from Zionists Robert Szold, Jack Gilbert, Brandeis's son-in-law, Jacob deHaas, and Julian W. Mack, and a folder of correspondence and reports from the Zionist Organization of America, ends this reel. (Boxes Z/P 48-2/4, 49, 50-1a/1c)