Reel 97 Zionism-Palestine 1932

General correspondence, October - December 1932, begins reel 97, with letters from Jacob deHaas, Julius Simon, Max Rhoade, Bernard Flexner, Robert Szold, Julian W. Mack, Maurice B. Hexter, and Robert D. Kesselman. Miscellaneous papers, including a narrative by I. A. Rosoff, "Russian Zionism and the Balfour Declaration," copies of committee minutes and financial reports of ZOA, and departmental reports from the Jewish Agency for Palestine are also found. The reel ends with correspondence from Julius Simon and E. N. Mohl of the Palestine Economic Corporation and from Robert Szold and Israel Brodie of the American Economic Committee for Palestine, as well as copies of Felix Frankfurter's "Effect of Most-Favored Nation Clause on Palestine Preference" and Ben V. Cohen's "A Memorandum on Imperial Preference in Palestine." (Boxes Z/P 52-1d/2, 53)