Reel 103 Zionism-Palestine 1935-1936

Reel 103 opens with correspondence and reports from Israel B. Brodie, the president, and other officers of the American Economic Committee for Palestine, giving Brandeis an overview of their activities in 1935. Papers and reports marked "confidential" and concerned primarily with ongoing negotiations between the British government and the Jewish Agency for Palestine, on such problems as immigration, are also found here. The section also includes correspondence from Felix Frankfurter, Stephen S. Wise, Israel Brodie, and Robert Szold. The reel ends with general Zionist correspondence, January - April, 1936, including letters from Stephen S. Wise, Bernard Flexner, Isador Lubin, Julian W. Mack, Jacob deHaas, Robert Szold, Emanuel Mohl, and Albert Einstein. (Boxes Z/P 62-2/3, 63, 64-1)