Reel 104 Zionism-Palestine 1936-1937

General Zionist correspondence, May - December, 1936, begins reel 104. Correspondents include Julian W. Mack, Stephen S. Wise, Emanuel N. Mohl, William Rosenblatt, Julius Simon, Arthur Dembitz, Robert D. Kesselman, Robert Szold, Jacob Landau, Max Rhoade, and Jacob deHaas. Included here is a typescript copy of an address given by LaRue Brown at the New Century Club, Boston, Mass., November 11, 1936, entitled "Louis Brandeis - Attorney for the Public." The talk focused on Brandeis's early career as the "people's attorney." Correspondence and reports from the American Economic Committee for Palestine and the Palestine Endowment Fund, including letters from Robert Szold, Israel B. Brodie, and Bernard Flexner, are also found. The reel ends with general Zionist correspondence for January, 1937. (Boxes Z/P 64-2, 65, 66-1a/1b)