Reel 106 Zionism-Palestine 1937-1938

Reel 106 begins with general Zionist correspondence for December, 1937, and a graphic report on the Palestine-Chester project for an "open door" on the Mediterranean. There are letters from Robert Szold and Julian W. Mack, representing the Palestine Endowment Fund, and from Israel Brodie of the American Economic Committee for Palestine, informing Brandeis of activities during 1937 in their respective organizations. The reel ends with general Zionist correspondence, January - July, 1938 from persons such as Julius Simon, Max Rhoade, Maurice B. Hexter, Robert Szold, Stephen S. Wise, reporting on an interview with President Roosevelt (1-29-38, Box Z/P 69-1b), Julian W. Mack, Emanuel Mohl, Joshua Leibner, Israel Brodie, and Rose H. Jacobs. (Boxes Z/P 67-1g/1h, 68, 69-1/2e)