Reel 107 Zionism-Palestine 1916, 1937-1938, 1941

General Zionist correspondence, August - September, 1938, continues on reel 107. Letters on the problems of European Jews fleeing Nazism, plus copies of Brandeis memorial meetings held in Palestine, October, 1941, are found. There are also papers marked "confidential," with reports and diary entries of M. Shertok, of the Jewish Agency, on his work in Palestine; letters from Felix Frankfurter, Stephen S. Wise, and Robert Szold on the impact of the 1937 Royal Commission's recommendation for partition of Palestine; and 1938 reports from the Jewish Agency to the Palestine Partition Commission, with material for the proposed partition within the Palestinian mandate. The reel ends with correspondence from Robert Szold and Robert D. Kesselman, of the Palestine Endowment Fund, on financing current projects, and with one folder of accountant's reports, July - September, 1916, for the fledgling Provisional Executive Committee for General Zionist Affairs, the Sons of Zion and the Mizrachi Bureau. (Boxes Z/P 69-2f/2h, 70, 71, 72-1a)