Reel 112 Miscellaneous 1879-1927, 1932-1939

Correspondence between Louis Brandeis and Alfred Brandeis, including some xerox copies provided by the family, continues on reel 112. There is also correspondence with Samuel Warren, Brandeis's early law partner; letters to his daughter, Elizabeth Brandeis Raushenbush; additional letters to his parents and to his mother-in-law, Regina Wehle Goldmark; and miscellaneous correspondence from such people as Felix Frankfurter, Learned Hand, Harold Laski, Charles Evans Hughes, William Howard Taft, and Herbert White. The reel ends with further correspondence to his brother, Alfred, which includes letters to cousins Fred, Stella, and Emily Dembitz, enlisting their support for his University of Louisville projects. (Boxes M 2-4e/8, 3, 4-1/4f)