Reel 113 Miscellaneous 1922-1935

Reel 113 continues correspondence from Brandeis to his brother, Alfred, and begins a series of letters to his niece, Fanny Brandeis, who assumed the oversight of Brandeis's projects for the University of Louisville when her father, Alfred's, health began to decline. There are also letters to Rabbi Joseph Rauch of Louisville, discussing plans for the University of Louisville library. Correspondence with Vanguard Press and author Alfred Lief about a proposed collection of Brandeis' Supreme Court opinions, The Social and Economic Views of Justice Brandeis; and letters, telegrams, and cards sent to the Justice on the occasion of his 75th birthday (every 5th card and telegram was filmed) are also found. The reel ends with correspondence from the National Home Library Foundation (Mrs. Brandeis served on its "Committee on Rural Education") discussing the foundation's current plans and future projects. (Boxes M 4-4g/6, 5, 6-1/3a)