Reel 114 Miscellaneous 1932-1937

Correspondence with the National Home Library Foundation continues on reel 114, and includes copies of scripts for a radio broadcast, "An American Fireside," sponsored by the foundation, hosted by Norman Hapgood, and aired in January and February, 1935. Greetings for Brandeis's 77th, 78th, and 80th birthdays, with all letters filmed and every fifth telegram and card sampled (see reels 111 and 113) is also found. There is also correspondence with his sister-in-law, Josephine Goldmark on her book, Democracy in Denmark and correspondence with Clarence M. Lewis and Osmond K. Fraenkel on the reissue of Brandeis's book, The Curse of Bigness. (Boxes M 6-3b/3c, 7, 8)