Reel 115 Miscellaneous 1936-1937

Reel 115 contains birthday greetings received for Brandeis's 80th birthday, November 13, 1936. Among the well-wishers are Edward A. Filene, Arthur Dembitz, Louis Jaffe, Gifford Pinchot, Rose Jacobs, and William Sutherland. Also found on this reel is incoming miscellaneous correspondence for 1937, with comments on current events and requests to visit Brandeis. Correspondents here include William P. Hapgood, David Sarnoff, William Z. Ripley, Dean Acheson, Jack Gilbert, Fola LaFollette, William H. Ingersoll, and Representative Ewing C. Sadler of Oklahoma. The reel ends with 81st birthday greetings. (Boxes M 9, 11, 12-1a/1b)

There is no box M 10.