Reel 116 Miscellaneous 1924-1938

Greetings to Brandeis on his 81st birthday continue on reel 116. Correspondence from Sherman F. Mittell, detailing publishing plans of the National Home Library Foundation, is also found, as are 82nd birthday wishes. Greeters include Samuel Boorstin, Josephus Daniels, William H. Ingersoll, Willard Hurst, Ewing C. Sadler, and Richard Neuberger. The remainder of the reel contains documentation of Brandeis's interest in the University of Louisville. This includes Robert Miller's December 7, 1929 memo to Dr. Raymond Kent, President of the University, outlining Brandeis's interest in and gifts to the University School of Law. In addition, correspondents include Alfred Brandeis, Neville Miller, Fanny Brandeis, Raymond A. Kent, Joseph A. McClain, Bernard Flexner, and Hattie Bishop Speed. (Boxes M 12-1c/2, 13, 14, 15-1a/1h)