Reel 117 Miscellaneous 1881-1939

Reel 117 continues correspondence from University of Louisville officials on activities at the school. There are also letters in which Brandeis supports Charles Tachau's project to develop a collection for the university library, as well as incoming correspondence with his niece, Fanny Brandeis, who oversaw all of the library projects for the Justice. Additional correspondents include another niece, Adele Brandeis, and other Louisvillians Evelyn J. Schneider, Raymond A. Kent, Ernest C. Hassold, and Hattie Bishop Speed. The reel ends with miscellaneous letters from notables Albert B. Otis, James B. Thayer, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Norman Hapgood, Mahlon Pitney, William Howard Taft, William G. McAdoo, Phillip F. LaFollette, Julian W. Mack, John M. Keynes, Hugh Johnson, Charles Evans Hughes, and Woodrow Wilson (Boxes M 15-1i/2, 16, 17-1/3)