Reel 121 Traffic Efficiency Scrapbooks

Traffic Efficiency III February 1911, IV February - April 1911, V May, 1911 - July, 1912, VI August 1912 - 1914

Scrapbooks on "Traffic Efficiency" continue on reel 121. The second half of Traffic Efficiency III focuses on stories from the Boston, New York and Washington newspapers that discuss Brandeis's role as attorney for eastern shippers in a 1910 Interstate Commerce Commission investigation of proposed railroad freight rate increases. There are articles on efficiency and how it applies to railroads, including much discussion of Brandeis's idea for reducing operating costs through the use of scientific management. Here also is a Frederick W. Taylor series, found in American Magazine during 1911, explaining the principles of scientific management.


Traffic Efficiency IV includes articles reporting the Interstate Commerce Commission's ruling against the freight rate increase. Here, and in Traffic Efficiency V and VI, is additional material on efficiency, scientific management and railroad management. Several articles by Brandeis are found. These include "What is the Relation Between Efficiency and the Modern Trusts," from The Efficiency Magazine, November, 1912, and "Efficiency and the Trusts," from Fuel Magazine, January, 1913. Most magazine articles are from trade and business journals such as Engineering Digest and Railway Age Gazette.