Reel 122 Traffic Efficiency, Advance Rate, Anti-Trust & W.L.D. Co. Scrapbooks

Traffic Efficiency VI 1912-1914,

Advance Rate, Anti-Trust 1907, 1911-1912,

W.L.D. Co. I 1908, II January - March 1909, III April - September 1909

Traffic Efficiency VI ends on reel 122. The second scrapbook filmed supplements earlier books. The clippings found include several topics covered before, such as: railway rates, trust and competition, efficiency, and price fixing. The W.L.D. Co. scrapbooks, also on this reel, are a chronicle of the 1908 - 1909 labor dispute between the William L. Douglas Shoe Company of Brockton, Mass., and the Boot and Shoe Workers' Union, that resulted in the closing of the factory. Brandeis was the attorney for the Douglas company. The clippings in W.L.D. III focus on the effect this dispute had on the town of Brockton.