Reel 123 Anti-Trust Scrapbooks

Anti-Trust I 1906-1911, II October - December 1911, III January - June 1912

The scrapbooks on reel 123 are part of a series reflecting Brandeis's interest in the anti-trust question. Clippings on Senator Robert LaFollette's crusade to amend the Sherman Anti-Trust Law are found in Anti-Trust I. Here, and in Anti-Trust II, are reports of a suit charging the United Shoe Machinery Company, of which Brandeis was a director, with monopoly. Also in Anti-Trust II are clippings on the government's reorganization plan for the tobacco trust. Brandeis represented the independent tobacco interests who opposed the plan. Included is a Brandeis article entitled "An Illegal Trust Legalized," from The World Today (Dec. 1911). Anti-Trust III, which ends the reel, includes material on the shoe manufacturers' alliance and the tobacco reorganization.