Reel 124 Anti-Trust & Advance Rate Scrapbooks

Anti-Trust IV October 1912, V 1913, VI 1914 - 1915

Advance Rate I 1913

Reel 124 continues the clipping scrapbooks pertaining to trustsand monopolies. The material in Anti-Trust IV and V is dividedbetween general anti-trust material, the Shoe Manufacturers'Alliance, and the Tobacco reorganization issue. Several reportsilluminate Brandeis' influence on Woodrow Wilson's anti-trustprogram, both during the 1912 presidential campaign and thedebate that resulted in the passage of the 1914 ClaytonAnti-Trust bill. Also found are clippings on the government'santi-trust suits against the United Shoe Machinery Company;Delaware, Lackawanna, & Western Railroad and Coal Company; U.S.Steel; and Standard Oil of New Jersey. The reel ends with AdvanceRate I scrapbook and articles supporting increased freight ratesfor the nation's railroads.