Reel 125 Advance Rate, Money Trust & Garment Workers Scrapbooks

Advance Rate I 1913 - 1914, II 1914 - 1915

Money Trust 1912 - 1914

Garment Workers ... 1910 - 1913

The scrapbook Advance Rate I continues on reel 125. In this scrapbook and in Advance Rate II, also found here, are newspaper accounts of a renewed bid by the eastern railroads for increased freight rates, petitioning the Interstate Commerce Commission for a rehearing of the 1910 case. There is press comment on Brandeis' role as special counsel for the ICC. The third scrapbook, Money Trust, includes clippings on the investigation by the House Banking and Currency Committee (Pujo Committee) into corporate financing; interviews with J. P. Morgan; and reviews of Brandeis's book, Other People's Money. The reel ends with the first portion of the single volume scrapbook, Garment Workers and Preferential Union Shop.