Reel 133 Insurgency & Supreme Court Nomination Scrapbooks

Insurgency II April - November 1910, III November 1910 - 1912, 1930 - 1931

Supreme Court Nomination January - February 1916

Reel 133 continues reports of testimony given in the Ballinger-Pinchot congressional investigation, editorial comment on that testimony, and closing arguments. There is also the Joint Committee's report exonerating Ballinger, a minority report calling for his resignation, and a series of political cartoons on the topic. News of Ballinger's resignation and an outline of the career of his successor, Walter L. Fisher; material concerning Robert M. LaFollette's campaign for the presidential nomination in early 1912; the Progressive and Democratic party platforms for the 1912 election; and articles on Brandeis' support of Woodrow Wilson for president, are also included. In the back of Insurgency III are a series of published biographical sketches on Brandeis by Elizabeth Glendower Evans and others, dated 1930 and 1931.

The next series of scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings and articles on Brandeis's nomination to the Supreme Court begins here.