Reel 134 Supreme Court Nomination Scrapbooks

Supreme Court Nomination January - July 1916, 1923

The clipping scrapbooks devoted to President Wilson's nomination of Brandeis to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1916 continue on reel 134. Reports of the confirmation hearings before the Senate judiciary subcommittee; Gilson Gardner's syndicated column of news notes from Washington during this period; two volumes of editorials drawn from newspapers from across the country; and finally reports of the confirmation on June 2, 1916, are found here. Pasted in the front of Brandeis USSC--New Items 601-861, on pages opposite the 1916 material, are two letters from Dean Acheson, news reports of a possible Robert M. LaFollette - Brandeis combination for the Independent Party presidential ticket in 1924, and 1931 clippings on the work and composition of the Supreme Court at that time.