Reel 135 Supreme Court Nomination & Zionism Scrapbooks

Supreme Court Nomination February - May 1916, 1920 - 1930

Zionism & Jewry I 1913 - 1915, 1929 - 1930, II 1914 - 1915

Editorial response to Brandeis's nomination to the Supreme Court, continues on reel 135. Material added after the scrapbooks were compiled includes correspondence from Felix Frankfurter (Brandeis USSC-Editorial Items 1161-1460); a Woodrow Wilson letter (12/29/22) found on the inside cover of Brandeis USSC-Editorial Items 1461-1731; and correspondence, articles, and biographical material from the 1929 - 1930 period. The back section of Brandeis USSC-Editorial Items 1461-1713 contains letters to the editor on the Brandeis nomination.

This reel also includes two scrapbooks on Brandeis's participation in the Zionist movement. Early clippings describe his speeches at fund raising events and his increased participation in the movement following his election as chairman of the Provisional Executive Committee for General Zionist Affairs. Detailed accounts of the 1915 Zionist Congress of America, held in Boston, are also found, as well as numerous reports of Jewish war relief. Material for 1929 and 1930, interspersed among the original clippings, include reviews of Jacob deHaas's book on Brandeis, and reports of the 1930 Cleveland convention which reunited American Zionists and returned Brandeis to a more active Zionist role.