Reel 136 Zionism & Miscellaneous Personal Clippings Scrapbooks

Zionism & Jewry II 1915, 1917, 1921 III 1915 - 1917, 1919 - 1920

Miscellaneous Personal Clippings I 1910 - 1934, 1936, 1939 II 1935 - 1936

Scrapbooks on Zionism and Jewry conclude on reel 136. There are clippings of Brandeis speeches and articles for the Zionist cause; reports on the Congress of Jewish National Organizations, held in New York City, July, 1916; articles on the impact that World War I was having on Jews in Europe and Palestine; and reports of relief drives conducted by Jewish groups in the United States.

Material added later to Zionism and Jewry II reveals the Brandeis/Mack position on the controversy that split Zionism in 1921; and that added to Zionism and Jewry III, includes reports of the 1920 World Zionist Conference in London. A printed copy of Brandeis's statement to the American delegation at the London conference and printed pages from a daily digest of the Yiddish Press, October - December, 1920, were found tucked at the end of the scrapbook.

The reel also contains Miscellaneous Clipping scrapbooks, primarily for the 1930's. These contain Brandeis sketches that discuss his interests in Zionism, Massachusetts Savings Bank Life Insurance, and the University of Louisville; charts from the New York Times on weekly business indices, August - September, 1932; articles on Supreme Court cases and on New Deal legislation; and reviews of books by or about Brandeis.