Reel 137 Miscellaneous Personal Clippings Scrapbooks

Miscellaneous Personal Clippings III 1937 - 1940, V 1926 - 1933, VI 1918, 1926 - 1934, VII 1926 - 1936

Reel 137 continues clipping scrapbooks, 1926 - 1940, from Brandeis's court period. Two of the books, V and VII are completely devoted to newspaper articles commemorating the Justices's 70th and 75th birthdays. Articles in Miscellaneous Clippings III and Clippings VI include reports on President Franklin Roosevelt's 1937 proposal to retire Supreme Court Justices at age 70; Brandeis and the Savings Bank Life Insurance program; U.S. Senate hearings on Hugo Black's nomination to the Supreme Court; biographical sketches of Brandeis by friends Jacob deHaas, Norman Hapgood, and Elizabeth Glendower Evans; articles on Benjamin N. Cardozo, Joseph B. Eastman, and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.; newspaper comment on Supreme Court decisions of the period; and on Brandeis and Zionism. Clippings V and VI each contain an index in the front. There was no Clippings IV scrapbook.