Reel 144 Addendum 1910 - 1915, 1937 - 1940, 1956 - 1976

Reel 144 continues with material generated by the New York Garment Industry dispute, 1913-1915. These files had been subdivided by Brandeis into four series. File series 3 and 4, found here include formal complaints and answers between the Dress and Waist Manufacturers' Association and the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, as well as memos, reports, and minutes of hearings. Additional material contained is a 1910 report on railway freight terminals submitted to Brandeis by H. M. Harding and Co., consulting engineers of New York City; copies of speeches and articles by Brandeis, including the "Money Trust" series from Harpers' Weekly, November, 1913 - January, 1914; printed biographical material on Brandeis, 1916 - 1976; and a copy of the 1866 - 1867 case of Brandeis and Crawford vs. the United States involving the sale of corn to Union forces by Brandeis' father during the Civil War. (Boxes A 7-2/10, 8, 9, 10-1/3)