Reel 147 Warren & Brandeis ... 1887 - 1989

Continued on Reel 147 is accession #6479, the S. D. Warren Estate vs. Para Rubber Shoe Co. Included are drafts of a bill of complaint, copies of letters to other stockholders, drafts of briefs, the defendant's demurrer, notes on legal precedents, and correspondence of several principals in the case, such as: Samuel D. Warren, William Cabel Loring, H. J. Jaquith, George Putnam, and Brandeis. Other accessions found contain Brandeis correspondence on personal investments and mortgages, summer cottage inquiries, and personal letters. Two correspondents of note are his brother, Alfred, and Christopher C. Langdell of Harvard Law School. (WB #6479, 6530, 6608, 7079, 7263)