Reel 148 Warren & Brandeis ... 1880 - 1901

Brandeis' personal correspondence for 1896 - 1898, accession #7263, continues on reel 148. It includes club notices, bills for work done on personal property, and dividend and insurance statements. Other files include letters on Brandeis' personal investments; legal papers and background material concerning a change in management of the New England Mortgage Security Company; correspondence, receipted bills, applications, and mortgage papers on property Brandeis acquired; and legal papers and letters attesting to problems of probate and administration of an estate in which heirs reside outside the United States. The reel ends with personal correspondence, 1898 - 1899. (WB #7263d/f, 7267, 7821, 8176, 8338, 8664, 8676, 8889, 9543a/b)