Reel 149 Warren & Brandeis ... 1890 - 1909

Brandeis' personal correspondence, 1897 - 1900, continues on Reel 149 and includes letters on mortgages, the Harvard Law School Association, and the Associated Charities of Boston. Also found are drafts of proposed amendments to a bill before the Massachusetts legislature creating Boston's Washington Street Subway; drafts of a Brandeis speech, "What Loyalty Demands" given before the New Century Club in October, 1905; additional personal correspondence 1906 - 1908, including letters from Norman Hapgood, Frank W. Tausigg, Alice H. Grady, and a copy of a Charles Nagel letter to Alfred Brandeis; and correspondence on several properties Brandeis owned, discussing repairs and problems of finding suitable tenants. (WB #9543c/e, 9693, 9713, 9840, 14539, 16598, 16853, 16854a/b)