Reel 151 Warren & Brandeis ... 1898 - 1908

Reel 151 consists entirely of material related to the proposed merger between the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad and the Boston and Maine Railroad in 1907 - 1908. Included among the correspondence is an alphabetical file of cover letters and replies to Brandeis' pamphlet "Financial Condition of the New York, New Haven, & Hartford Railroad Company and of the Boston and Maine Railroad," sent to concerned and influential citizens (see article from the Boston Evening Transcript January 7, 1908, in Merger III scrapbook, reel 126, frames 1026-1031). There are also briefs, evidence and clippings of a suit brought by the Massachusetts Attorney General against the New Haven railroad's attempt to merge the state's street railways; drafts of proposed state legislation prohibiting railroad mergers; and printed extracts of financial information concerning New England railroads. (WB 17720-79, 17720-14, 17720-15, 17720-26, 17720-27, 17720-38, 17720-40a/e)